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Personality Is As Essential As Experience

skyward | November 22, 2017

When searching for candidates for a job role, it can be very easy to only focus on the qualifications and experience they state on their CV and not take into account their personality and how they may fit into your company. After all, there is logic in the idea that hiring someone who has done the job type previously, means they will be more successful.

An applicant’s skills and knowledge of the field are almost always considered more important than personality in a potential hire. The problem with solely relying on what a candidate states on their CV, is not only are the skills provided a true reflection, but that it does not convey a candidate’s personality or attitude towards a working environment. Whilst knowledge and skills can be acquired and experience gained, someone’s personality is who they already are and does not change. Once settled in a job, most people have the capability to learn the required skills very quickly, but hiring someone with a bad personality or attitude to work is a hard thing to overturn.

Identifying personal characteristics and values of a candidate can be challenging. Sometimes the first chance of meeting them will be at the interview stage and because understanding someone’s personality from a CV is difficult, it is likely that you may have already turned away ideal candidates that could fit your business better than those with experience.

Research has shown that including psychometric testing in your recruitment process will increase your chance of employing candidates suited to your organisation, who will not only thrive, but will also remain with you over the long-term.