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Bridging the success of businesses and people.

You may be working with different agencies, why should you or your company want to change over to Skyward Consultancy?

That’s because SKYWARD CONSULTANCY is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE in many ways. We take pride in having shed the Recruiting Agency tag and rise way above to be known as the ONE STOP SOLUTION provider to our clients.
So what makes us UNIQUE ?

Our abilities
Ability to provide a whole gamut of candidates from most of South East Asia including but not limited to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Africa etc. This also saves our client from coordinating with multiple agencies with different time zones and makes Skyward Consultancy an ONE POINT CONTACT for all their diverse nationality needs.
Understanding Requirements
We have a detailed discussion with the clients and discuss to understand their exact needs and come up with alternative suggestions / recommendations as per our vast experience on timelines, availability and suitability of candidates from different states across India and from the whole of Asia, thereby helping our clients to plan and execute their projects in a timely manner.

Quality Recruitment

A thorough personal vetting of EVERY candidate. The process involves matching skills & experience with the clients’ needs, verifying their work experience, language proficiency, checking for criminal records whenever necessary, physical deficiencies if any and most importantly their attitude. Upon ticking each of the above boxes, candidates are presented to the client for the final selection. This saves the clients time & achieves their objectives.

Time Management
Since we are aware of our client’s deadlines, we arrange for the final interviews within 2 weeks of receiving the order along with the necessary legal documents. Thereafter, we ensure quick medicals, immigration procedures and other formalities and have been successful in deploying candidates on an average of 2 weeks of receiving the visas.
Highly Experienced Management
All our 3 Key Managerial Persons have a combined experience of 60 years of working experience across the whole of Middle East, having worked in various Managerial positions across a whole gamut of verticals, including Civil, Hospitality, Logistics, Oil and Gas, etc. This gives us a unique advantage of completely understanding our clients’ requirement and thereby enabling us to provide the most suitable candidates for our clients.
Domain Exposure
Working with Industry Leaders across different business verticals all across the Middle East. With our offices based in Mumbai & Dubai, supported with branch & associate offices throughout India, we have the ability to provide our services to clients throughout the Middle East. We cater to our clients’ diverse nationality, thereby becoming an ONE STOP SOLUTION PROVIDER for our clients’ needs.

Success Rate

An excellent record of less than 1% of deployed candidates returning. This is because of transparent dealing with candidates, including providing the right information regarding salaries. Job profiles and working conditions. This is the reason; we are proud to have a 100% clean record regarding candidate complaints with the Protectorate of Immigration since our inception 15 years ago.

100% Completion

100% completion of given recruitment order –Apart from sourcing candidates from our huge network of offices across India and Asia, we have a large database of past and current candidates, besides running Print newspaper campaigns, social media campaigns (Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, etc) to have a minimum of 10:1 ratio of candidates available: positions available

We Match Great Talent with Great Companies.